Since 1899 at Martellozzo every day we have been working with an innate passion for the agricultural world and the people in it.

Rather than just focusing on wine, we believe that it is very important to nurture our ties with those who tend the vineyards, listen to their stories, get to know their families and earn their trust. Invaluable experiences like these help us a great deal in our everyday work.
By cultivating the land and making its fruits grow patiently, devotedly, delicately and meticulously, we can learn to love the little things in life and gain the utmost respect for the natural world around us.
Martellozzo’s origins lie in the warm, exuberant Veneto region but we have chosen Friuli Venezia Giulia as land to growth our company.
The two areas are very different but they also have a lot in common. The fertile earth of the Triveneto area and the dry stones of the Magredi plain are behind our wines, each of which is a tribute to the wonders of its distinctive home land.